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Humor at times is the one thing that keeps us going. Documenting hills, valleys and mountains to cross may give cause for my humor. If you happened to stumble this site, welcome. Sit a spell and try to figure me out. If you are just passing through, have a great day, month, year,... life

Apparently it was attempted back in 2011 but never really broke through.  A few wanted to start it up so there was tweet out or some other mass media push and out of that came folks from west coast of Florida, the capital and some panhandle people as well as some of the locals.  Kind of wish there were more Duval teachers at the #DuvalED camp.  Maybe next time. 

Good ideas were shared - definitely helpful to see ideas in action - and there was enough conversation there to warrant the fact that we all have some of the same issues, but with may ideas as to how things might be resolved.  Good job to all those who participated.

Two weeks ago I found who the top students were in the IT department (all of two types of classes since we are just starting out).  I knew one, but not the other student.  No worries.  ”Just submit the names” I was told “so we can create the awards” they said.

While I was sitting in the front row, it occurred to me I was a rookie at being a department chairperson at the high school level. I have had this position at the middle school level where the everything is well worked out - almost complete with a script that I may or may not have had some input.

I was almost the last presenter and as I watched all the other department chair people giving a short synopsis of individual students, two things when through my head

1. who is the kid that I don’t teach the won one of the awards

2. Ummm, what the heck am I going to say - I just thought I had to read off the names.

It’s a good thing I work well under pressure.  I got to writing on the piece of paper I had in my hand and was able to pull things off as if I had planned it all along.  

That, my friends is the true sign of a veteran teacher.  Make it happen, BOOM!

It is that time of year when seniors have less than a week and therefore ALL students start shutting down.  Keep them engaged, keep them engaged. They are tired of testing, could care less about HTML5 or learning other languages.   I may have to resort to bribes of playing HALO on the last day. 

Holy craziness batman.  This confirms I will never go back to teaching a lower level core class again.  Students with no books, no paper leading to not caring and class chaos.  This teacher knows this is typical.  Why not at the very least, leave a worksheet or two so there can be some evidence of work going on in this class.  Apparently this has been the case for the past week in this class.

Fortunately, there are three students who have me for my computer class who are working.  They know I will expect their work, these other folks could care less.

It is obvious that we are in the month of testing.

As long as there is no blood, I win

This makes me smile on an educational level as well as a “blast from the past” music level.

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I had a formal observation last week.  There are two days left in this quarter so I decided to give amnesty OR Extra Credit for today.  I was proud that I could keep everyone busy, and then it happened.  Pop “informal” observation.  I was doing one on ones with some students and most of my students were working (although one was gaming - uggh).  I explained what was going on in class and why to the admin but I am not so sure this observation will be as fabulous as the last one.  Which means, I will have to have another one in the next week.

Typically I do not care when I get observed because I confident that my students are making strides.  I know the admins are trying to get their work done, but really?  Two days before grades are due?  I am not starting anything new.  I want my students to be successful for THIS quarter.  SMH

A few posts ago I started to have some concern over how many “highly effective” marks I may or may not have earned due to coming back from spring break and having a formal observation done by an administrator.  I decided to not worry about it, I know what kind of a teacher I am.  Out of 22 ratings all I wanted was at least 3 or 4 highly effective marks.  Just found out and now the question remains


Yep, this girl.  Only one formal observation for ME next year.  :)








School days or real days? I have 54 school days left, but 85 real days. (It’s still soooo long away!)

33 school days left here! AND I still have 6 sick days left!

27 days for me, y’all! Where did the time go?

33 here, as…

61 school days for me.

47 school days, 68 calendar days.

Now, look at the numbers and try to figure who has been snowed in most of the last 2 months  hahaha (BTW 49 school days to go for me)

Training/Mentoring morning at 1122

Because I came back to the public sector last year with 13 years in the public sector and 8 additional years in a private school, it appears that the county big wigs (or the computers they “consult”) can’t determine if I am a new teacher or a tenured teacher. On top of that, it seems that the county database does not speak the same language as the state database and even though all the correct paperwork has been  submitted, I am considered out of field.  I don’t care.  I have the documentation that backs up and verifies my teaching certs and I have experience on my side to know that I do the right things in class to be a “qualified” teacher.

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Yeah, spring break… and it’s raining

I just have to remember this date.  It signifies a moment in time that I got way out of my comfort zone and in any case no matter the outcome, I remembered how to take a chance.  I know this sounds cryptic, but as time passes, more unveiling may come to light.

Alex, that would be What are the words that come from my students after a 3-day weekend.

Art Walk in Jax makes for some interesting photography.

I never realized how bad my acrophobia was until I started thinking about how close to the edge those drummers and xylophone players were on the top of the 30 rock building.  My heart was thumping a little faster every time the camera shot showed how high they were from the ground.